Guilt Free Apple Crisp

Though, i have cut most all white processed sugar/corn syrup out of my life… i still have a sweet tooth, often at the worst hours, eh? This is a GO TO if you just keep some apples in the house. You will feel like you’re eating homemade apple pie and yet, it’s not bad!!!

The next morning… you have a GREAT breakfast!

This can be made with all honey… all brown sugar… or both (as i show you in the video). YES, you can top it with ice cream and forget the “skinny” part, but i’m telling you…     you will LOVE this by itself!

BUTTER… But kimberly, there’s real butter in this??? Listen a little real butter in moderation is way better than anything “processed” to be better than nature… insanity right?

I LOVE this recipe… if you can call it that- through out your measuring cup and try it!!!

As with all food, make sure you share with others :) There’s a share button up top even.


Peel & Slice 3-4 apples                                                                                                                  (granny smith will be the best flavor in this, but use what you have)

Grease a 9×11 dish

Layer your apples adding to each layer:

a drizzle of honey & a sprinkle of cloves & cinnamon & a sprinkle of lemon

Top with this mixture:

1/2 -3/4 stick of REAL butter

1/4-1/2 cp of brown sugar

dash or two of Sea Salt

1 1/2 cps of oats

(yes, Lord… mix it with your hands)


Cook at 350 till apples are tender and oats are crisp

serve warm or cold… but I love it right out of the oven!


You know if we eat real whole food you don’t have to miss out on dessert-

just choose the right ones. Oh, and i didn’t even mention how good your house will smell cooking this!

By the way i have seen that ‘apple device’ (in the video) every where from Cracker Barrel to Bed Bath & Beyond… usually around 20 dollars… pays off though!

How bought that sweater? One of my favs… a Goodwill find! LOVE my “little old man sweaters” in the fall, ha. 





About kimberly kelly

I have been in media my whole life, a decade of Morning Radio Shows & a decade of Hosting Television Shows both cable & affiliate. Food is a passion & after sharing this BLOG with viewers... it kinda' grew a life of it's own. Nothing fancy t's just me - sharing what generation(s) in my family & friends & those in travels along the way shared. Food is an expression of ones self and a humble offering to loved ones. One of the best expressions of love. You get "One Trip"... skimp on the material things in life, food is your lifeline though -never skimp on your food! Food can be a positive affect on your health, but also the power to make one feel love. I hope I can show you some of both. Growing & cooking outdoors, is a reminder where our food should come... the ground & not just a shelf.
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17 Responses to Guilt Free Apple Crisp

  1. Kimberly,
    I could almost smell it!! Reminds me of Aunt Eva and Mommie’s wonderful cooking.


    • kimb3825 says:

      Ooooohhhhh Annelle… I had no idea you had seen them. THAT made my day!!! I need another Mississippi trip, but please you guys come stay with us anytime… Mountains are beautiful in the fall & there is PLENTY of room :) Thank you truly- you made my day!

    • kimb3825 says:

      aren’t we LUCKY we learned from them!!!!

  2. Tony Snipes says:


    This site is a great idea, and the recipe is even better (or tastier at least!)
    Looking forward to more!


  3. Pam Suttles says:

    I just love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ernest Benfield says:

    And you can cook, too!

  5. Josh says:

    After the Homer Stew, I’m going to treat myself and my son to this for dessert! I’m even on my way to the Cracker Barrell on Woodruff Rd to see if I can find the apple device you have! What a cool tool!! Thanks for doing all of this! It makes it easier for us guys that aren’t that great in the kitchen! I’m getting better thanks to you and my son is actually saying more and more, “daddy what are you cooking for dinner tonight?”

    • kimb3825 says:

      Hey Josh if you don”t see one there. I JUST saw one yesterday at TJ maxx in Cherrydale, but my uess is you’ll find one.
      and Thank You, that was a very kind compliment… I’ll treasure that one…. and your son will treasure all these meal you’re doing. You ROCK!!!!!

  6. Josh says:

    I did not find it at that Cracker Barrell unfortunately. I just sliced them up with a knife ( not as pretty) which worked ok. I am ALWAYS at that TJ Maxx so I’ll check and see if it’s still there. We had the stew for dinner and Asheton (my son) loved it!! I threw some rice in an topped it with the stew! Mashed potatoes would be good topped with the stew I was thinking?? Asheton is eating his dessert now and is loving it! We cheated a little by topping it with some ice cream…. I appreciate your willingness to share an do this cooking show! It is so awesome and I’m becoming a much better cook! AND you’re right, I’m creating memories with Asheton as I get him to help with these dinners:)

  7. SAM IN SENECA says:

    the song sums up my feelings. i am enjoying these cooking sessions. the apple crisp is my favorite

    • kimb3825 says:

      Haaahaaa… that song is typical of most blues numbers (a little mischievous) but love em :) Glad you found the VLOG “Sam in Seneca”… :)

  8. Bob says:

    I made this last night with Pears instead of Apples. Turned out really good!

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