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The Great “Eggplant Lasagna” Experiment

“kimberly, eating healthy is expensive…”- i hear that a lot and as sad as it is, you’re right. However, look for people to share with. Grow a little and share a little; and you’ll all have quite a lot. Use … Continue reading

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My “Ginger Egg Rolls”

  My “Ginger Egg Rolls” This whole VLOG episode has overcome intimidation! I have always loved egg rolls, but as i changed the way i eat… i found myself wondering what was in them? From the curiosity, a couple of … Continue reading

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Fall Muscadine Dinner (Elegant & Earthy)

Welcome to kimberly’s COOKHOUSE by the Lake. As a child in the South… the Muscadine (purple wild southern grape) & Scuppernong (bronze) were a treat when we would walk in the woods of the Mountains. My favorite way to eat … Continue reading

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Fruit Crepes & Turkey Sausage Outside on the Deck: kimberly’s COOKHOUSE

Weekends on the water, are most special early morning… the water is like glass as the sun rises. A quiet that goes well with coffee and breakfast in your pj’s.  This Crepe recipe is a “breakfast crepe”… a bit eggier, than … Continue reading

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My Great-grandmother’s Chicken and Dumplins

This is my Canadian husbands FAVORITE…. hahaaa, my Mississippi Grandmother would have LOVED him… I miss her so much. So I’m going to keep her memory around by sharing the recipe. Keep in mind this was passed down and really none … Continue reading

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