Fruit Crepes & Turkey Sausage Outside on the Deck: kimberly’s COOKHOUSE

Weekends on the water, are most special early morning… the water is like glass as the sun rises. A quiet that goes well with coffee and breakfast in your pj’s. 

This Crepe recipe is a “breakfast crepe”… a bit eggier, than some. It is a family favorite after desperately looking for any food that my great-grandmother would eat. My mom stumbled on a version of this one in a Toddlers recipe book both she and we fell in love with it and yes… every kid I know loves them as well. The crepes are a weekend tradition especially in the Summer, as we roll through each fruit in season.

The fillings can be any fresh fruit & powdered sugar or Agave. I also show you my recipe for a cheese filling with fresh figs… my latest craze!

The sausage is a take on traditional and can be made with turkey or chicken… you will never miss the pork! The fresh herbs can be interchanged to make it your own.

I hope you enjoy!




About kimberly kelly

I have been in media my whole life, a decade of Morning Radio Shows & a decade of Hosting Television Shows both cable & affiliate. Food is a passion & after sharing this BLOG with viewers... it kinda' grew a life of it's own. Nothing fancy t's just me - sharing what generation(s) in my family & friends & those in travels along the way shared. Food is an expression of ones self and a humble offering to loved ones. One of the best expressions of love. You get "One Trip"... skimp on the material things in life, food is your lifeline though -never skimp on your food! Food can be a positive affect on your health, but also the power to make one feel love. I hope I can show you some of both. Growing & cooking outdoors, is a reminder where our food should come... the ground & not just a shelf.
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8 Responses to Fruit Crepes & Turkey Sausage Outside on the Deck: kimberly’s COOKHOUSE

  1. Ginni says:

    You gave me enough motivation to try Crepes – thank you Kimberly!!!!

    • kimb3825 says:

      You’re going to be HOOK… just warning you

      • Niksan says:

        What a wonderful execpirnee!! Visited the Farmers Market on Larch St. yestereday while touring Vancouver, and the Crepe Man will be my most memorable execpirnee. I got a savory crepe and my husband got a regular and I wish that I could repeat today. I wonder if they open someplace else on week days.

  2. Sheila says:

    I love how you made the homemade sausage. I can’t wait to try making it myself and what a refreshing blog site you have here. I look forward to your entries! Thank you Kelly!

    • kimb3825 says:

      Thank you Sheila…. you could make a more traditional one with Fennel seed and such… test a few herbs and find your favorite. I raely if ever buy sausage now…. NO DOUBTING what in the one you make you’re self, Haha. Thank you also for the kind words, It makes me smile to know it’s being enjoyed. I have a BLAST putting them together. Each one takes me on a walk down memory lane

    • kimb3825 says:

      Thanks Shelia… let me know how it turns out and have fun adding some of your favorite herbs to it as well :)

  3. Linda Anglin says:

    I don’t know how any watch the video when I pushed play this is what it says “The video contains content from SME who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds ” Let me know if others have this problem ,would love to see it

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