Kid’s Halloween party: On the road w/kimberly’s COOKHOUSE

Halloween has changed through the years… fewer and fewer go house to house and everyone seems to buy their costume.

Growing up, we would go around the house hunting for stuff to make into a costume… Hobos, clowns and princess’ & ghost were common. Skies the limit now days; but it’s always good to get back to the basics.

My sister offered to put on a Halloween party for all the kids and she went ALL OUT!!!! costume contest, prizes and GREAT FOOD. As a child our school always had a “Fall Festial” that were encouraged to dress up at and this reminded me of that. Speaking of “making your costumes”  (((funny mental image coming here))) My father was a taxidermist- so one year I went to the fall festival wearing a deer hide as a coat/cap full rack of deer antlers attached to my head and a wooden spear with wild turkey feathers flowing off the top. Well, I won the costume contest… though I’m not even sure what I was. I just new i was NOT like all the other costumes and I guess I learned back then… different is ‘alright’

Here is THE BEST caramel apple recipe. My sister, jennifer makes them. I could care less for a bought caramel apple… but this… WOW, so good! I am not  fan of corn syrup but for certain recipes on special occasions I do. Now… do you wonder WHY I’m not a fan??? start researching… (Corn King, Food Inc, GMOs)… I’ll let you read it for yourself. Personally, I try my best to cut it out, but on the rare splurges… I don’t beat myself up either. Read up on it and make the choice thats right for YOUR family.  


1 cp of Butter

2 cps packed brown sugar

1 cp light corn syrup

(1) 14oz sweetened condensed milk

2 tsps of vanilla


10 tart apples  cleaned and put on wooded sticks



combine all of the top ingredients but the vanilla and bring to a boil over med-high heat

cook about 30 mins (srirring constantly) or until candy thermometer reads 248 degrees

Remove from heat and stir in vanilla


Butter parchment paper

Start dipping apples (holding by the wooden stick)

let sit and set on parchment paper.





About kimberly kelly

I have been in media my whole life, a decade of Morning Radio Shows & a decade of Hosting Television Shows both cable & affiliate. Food is a passion & after sharing this BLOG with viewers... it kinda' grew a life of it's own. Nothing fancy t's just me - sharing what generation(s) in my family & friends & those in travels along the way shared. Food is an expression of ones self and a humble offering to loved ones. One of the best expressions of love. You get "One Trip"... skimp on the material things in life, food is your lifeline though -never skimp on your food! Food can be a positive affect on your health, but also the power to make one feel love. I hope I can show you some of both. Growing & cooking outdoors, is a reminder where our food should come... the ground & not just a shelf.
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