Shrimp & Grits: kimberly’s COOKHOUSE by the Lake VLOG

There are SO many Shrimp & Grits’ Versions… sometimes you adjust to what you have in the cabinet or a new idea you see. Here is ONE you can try. My husband had to go to Charleston for work and brought back some GREAT Carolina FRESH Shrimp!

Years ago, I stopped ordering one of my favorites in restaurants… SHRIMP. It all seemed to have this weird taste. Now, years later as I have learned to see where and how my food got on my table and not just “trust” that fact, it was on a store shelf or menu… I learned “Farmed” shrimp had a distinctive, different and unpleasant (to me) taste. THAT… was the difference. Now, NOT all places serve “farmed”… so ask where it came from, a good place will KNOW and be happy to tell you!

This particular night, we had JUST gotten back from taking our Newfoundland Dog to the Water Rescue trials on the Lake we live… you know to show “Aengus” what his kind were “supposed” to do, hoping some would rub off, Haha. NO, in all actuality… it inspired us to work harder to teach him and I made a call to a trainer the minute I got back. I know when I’m over my head. I need help to teach my ‘young dog’ some new tricks. This recipe (with Jason’s help cleaning the shrimp) actually goes quick. We all sat down and watched The Clemson Game with this pot of ‘lucky’ Shrimp & Grits… as they won again!

*A notes on this recipe… the lemon and hot sauce will start the cooking process on your shrimp so when I do this and set it back in the frig… it is only for a few minutes, don’t leave it there long or you’ll have rubber for shrimp.

*One other Note with this recipe… the cheese grit part, is PERFECT for a breakfast… just skip adding the Shrimp topping.


Step 1:

Make Grits according to directions and serving need… After cooking add:

Half a stick of butter

1 cp milk (8 person serving)

1 cup extra sharp cheese

course black pepper

(let that simmer till thickens a bit)


Step 2:

render (or cook down) 3-4 slices of bacon in a pan or pot

add in:

chopped celery (about a cup)

chopped onion (about a cup)

Let cook till tender, then add:

about 2 tbsp of sherry

and you’re *shrimp

a splash of cream as well.

with in a couple of minutes… it will be ready to serve over grits


*That shrimp is cleaned, deveined and has Lemon a bit of lemon juice and hot pepper sauce on it (set in frig) just while the veg/bacon is cooking… No longer than that.

Right at the end of the cooking process you can add some chopped green onions, parsley & a squeeze of lemon for a FRESH flavor on top of the comfy, creamy cheese grits and sherry kissed shrimp.


Enjoy and  remember… this is just one way to do this Southern favorite… I mix it up all the time, thats what makes each meal an adventure.





















About kimberly kelly

I have been in media my whole life, a decade of Morning Radio Shows & a decade of Hosting Television Shows both cable & affiliate. Food is a passion & after sharing this BLOG with viewers... it kinda' grew a life of it's own. Nothing fancy t's just me - sharing what generation(s) in my family & friends & those in travels along the way shared. Food is an expression of ones self and a humble offering to loved ones. One of the best expressions of love. You get "One Trip"... skimp on the material things in life, food is your lifeline though -never skimp on your food! Food can be a positive affect on your health, but also the power to make one feel love. I hope I can show you some of both. Growing & cooking outdoors, is a reminder where our food should come... the ground & not just a shelf.
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  1. Tim Hickman says:

    Great way to a great breakfast too!

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