Fish Taco w/ Sweet Potato, Cilantro Slaw

BUT kIMBERLY… this is a summer dish?

I’m alone in feeling that after 2 feasting holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas and all the cold nights snuggling with our soups and heavy winter dishes. I’m ready to lighten up a little. Speaking of, my own husband said, “I’ve never ordered a fish taco, but these are good”. I think that some of you have seen this item and let the word taco & the word fish scare you… as never the two shall meet. SILLY! Call it a wrap? This is a show stopper of a recipe. Light. Healthy…. Flavor galore.

Please pardon my “thank you’s” at the top of this video… but somehow, this simple “at home” blog has gotten the attention of some digital content providers, magazines & now A GROCERY STORE. Btw, not just any store, but Ingles Markets (THATS WHERE I EALLY SHOP!) I love them. They have Starbucks at the front door and clearly marked Organics all over the store. THANK YOU… because I will wear hand-me-downs and cancel my cable, but I will not skimp on my food. Two days ago, they came to my house with a full camera crew… two days before that, I was on the phone with a personal shopper from their “Test Kitchen”. “Hi, kimberly… this is Michael. I’m making your recipe and I have a questions… etc…” WOW!

I was asked, will you work with us and come up with some recipes for our shoppers. Wait. Let me think… YES! Soon, I will be able to give you a link, where you can find even more recipes from my kitchen… for Ingles on their site.

I have to tell you it was weird being followed through the store with a camera, not that I’m not used to camera, but because… that was my store, lol The one I shop in when my hairs back in a ponytail & hat and I have my “bumming around clothes” and no make-up. Here I was walking through all made up & pretty… I don’t think they knew it was me, HA!


Now let’s get back to the recipe featured on this video.

Everyone has their comfort zone for what they eat. Me? I reach for organic and local and wild as often as possible. Lucky for me, Ingles respects that and gives me great choices. I found wild caught US Cod at a great price.This is a thick, firm but flacky white fish that’s not too “fishy”. Perfect for tacos.

I seasoned it with some of the same flavors you find in a pre- packaged taco mix. In fact, I encourage everyone to pick up the bottles of spices so you can do taco night any night not just when you shopped for the packet of “mix”. In my opinion, you don’t need all the extra ingredients anyway?  Here are some you want to have around: Cumin the #1 ingredient for that Taco flavor. Chilli powder the #2 flavor in the “packet” (these come plain and hot- either is fine) after that, it’s your taste. I add salt & a SMALL shake of cayenne.

On to the RAW Sweet Potato slaw… get to know the raw sweet potato. It’s a great snack in the afternoon at work or school; and here are some links to nutritional advantages. Taste, well that’s the ultimate one and it’s got that too.

I hope you enjoy. I served it with some grilled pineapple & it was so good Jason (my husband) put his on the taco with all the other stuff. That quick high heat grilling of the fruit brings out the sugars like you’d never believe.


Fish Tacos with Sweet Potato Cilantro Slaw

cod fillets


seasoning paste: (paste is referring to the consistency… thicker than a marinade; though you may let it sit a while, it stay on the fish for cooking.) The recipe for this one was:

1 tsp chilli powder

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp. paprika

1/4 tsp garlic

1/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp tequilla (no tequilla? Grab some Lime Juice)


Slaw:  grated sweet potato &  grated purple slaw (50/50) I did 1/2 of a small cabage & 2 sweet potatoes. 

Slaw Dressing:

Chopped or muddled Cilantro

red wine vinager & olive oil (1 part to 3 parts – I did around 3 tbsp vinegar 9 tbsp oil)

honey (to your sweet tooth – I did about 3-4 tbsp)

Salt (to taste – I did around 1/4 tsp)

*You could also zest a lime here, if you used on the fish above


I quickly grilled a soft wheat tortilla shell assembled as in the video and enjoyed… and though I was full. I didn’t have that heavy feel of winter. I nice break, indeed.




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I have been in media my whole life, a decade of Morning Radio Shows & a decade of Hosting Television Shows both cable & affiliate. Food is a passion & after sharing this BLOG with viewers... it kinda' grew a life of it's own. Nothing fancy t's just me - sharing what generation(s) in my family & friends & those in travels along the way shared. Food is an expression of ones self and a humble offering to loved ones. One of the best expressions of love. You get "One Trip"... skimp on the material things in life, food is your lifeline though -never skimp on your food! Food can be a positive affect on your health, but also the power to make one feel love. I hope I can show you some of both. Growing & cooking outdoors, is a reminder where our food should come... the ground & not just a shelf.
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  1. Phyllis Barrow says:

    Kimberly I enjoyed watching you make those fish tacos . Your little hints about the fish….farmed versus line caught I love because a lot of people don’t know what a difference that is. I love to cook also so I will be watching.

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