Mama’s Medicine: Chicken & Rice Soup



There are two reason’s for this soup… but then as we are eating it,  I think… we MUST come up with more reasons!


Cold days or sick loved ones -This is Mama’s medicine for it. Easy enough to through together, Inexpensive enough to fit in the plan.


This pot was made with 8 thighs, 2 cps rice and 3 (32 oz) both… so it’s a bit more than the recipe above

Thrifty eating does not mean junk food eating. Organic chicken cost more but for many of us who don’t want the additives that come with industrial farming, it is worth every penny. Whole chickens can save you money bulk and freezing can save you, and so can the “lesser cuts”. Except, I beg to differ… I don’t think a drumstick or a thigh is lesser? I think they just have different staring roles. THIGHS, that’s what we’re using here and in fact is one of my favorite cuts.

2015-03-06 21.49.31       I used an enamel coated cast iron pot (dutch oven) but get what ever soup or stew pot you want & let’s start building these flavors! Starting with enough oil to cover the bottom of the pot. (I use organic safflower oil… I kicked canola to the curb YEARS ago)

SALT… PEPPER… and dust lightly with FLOUR the chicken and cook/brown both sides in oil. 4 thighs will be work but 8 thighs will be more chicken per bite… use what you can or like.

*After cooked, set off to the side and allow to sit for 10+ minutes… later you will chop up in bite size pieces and add back in.






In the same pot, with all that flavor in the bottom of the pot, add :


1 chopped Medium-large Onion

2-3 stalks of chopped celery

6 (+ or -) chopped carrots

1 or 1 1/2 cps rice depending on your prefernce – I like a lot of rice. (I used Jasmine but brown is healthier)

*Cook on a medium heat until the veggies start getting tender. Then add:

20150306_202838 2 (32 oz) box of chicken broth (or stock). Heck, I keep a 3rd one on hand… make to YOUR preference of consistency… but start with the 2 ;)

Now you can chop & add the chicken you cooked and set aside. After that, bring to a simmer… put a top on it and let it cook (with the occasional stir) until the rice expands. When rice and veggies are tender and cooked, add:20150306_205318



1/4  to 1/2 cup of organic Half & Half


Turn the heat off… let sit for 10 minutes or so & serve!

*when you heat left overs of this, do not be surprised if the liquid gets consumed by the rice. Two choices: heat & serve as chicken and rice or add more broth (milk or water) to bring back to soup consistency.



“Be thrifty in life, but don’t skimp on your food!” ~kk

WHAT  INSPIRED THIS POST… My daughter got sick… we got held hostage in the doctors waiting room and HUNDREDS of people said, “ME TOO!!!!!”

Here’s a post from just one of my social media pages:
March 5 at 3:58pm ·
May I vent?
I’m sitting in a waiting room with a very sick girl, only under 30 mins after our appointment (nothing by today’s standards). I asked kindly & quietly “could you give me any kind of guess on time we’ll go back?”
…”I won’t hold you to it but it will give me an idea & I have people expecting me to host an event and I need to know if I should tell then I won’t be there… so any idea would help me”
…no sorry…
Sit back down and everyone starts telling me how long they’ve ben there 1 hr… almost 2 hours etc.
Dear Health Care Provider,
If you’re going to see us an hour plus later can you just tell us to be there then? Occasional hic-ups we get.. truly we do, but let’s be honest… this is everytime.
Your customer
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